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We first came across John Reynolds as part of the ensemble cast of the dark comedy Search Party (2016-2020). He’s now taking the lead in the sci-fi/comedy Save Yourselves!, opposite Sunita Mani (GLOW).

Sci-fi can cover a spectrum of topics (like, oh, say time travel), with this story dabbling in alien invasion and a possible apocalypse. The title alone gives us some foresight, it seems a little self-serving. But, eh, if the world is coming to an end, it may just be, every millennial for themselves.

To backtrack, Reynolds and Mani play a young Brooklynite couple who head to the woods to get some R&R. They’re not just excusing themselves from social responsibilities, but turning the world off completely, including phone, internet, TV and radio.

It may not be the best timing, as they miss the announcement that Earth is under invasion by an alien species. One such alien, who is an adorably cute pouf, lands in their cabin:

We’d be the ones to walk over and pet the pouf. But these two seem to have the sense to… run.

These could be friendly aliens, but we won’t know until Save Yourselves! releases on October 6.

Are you liking the sci-fi/comedy combo?

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By Brigid Brown