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You probably know Kit Harington from Game of Thrones as the commanding Jon Snow. As well, he turned up in the 2017 miniseries Gunpowder as Robert Catesby.

He’s now signed on to star in the second season of Criminal, which solely takes place in a police interview room. Let’s just say he’s not on the “right” side of the table.

Harington plays a man suspected of… well, we don’t actually quite know what he’s been brought in for, yet. But, he seems to have his affairs in order, saying to the detective, “Okay, nice and simple, let me tell you what happened, everything I can remember, in order…”

Hmm, what about the bits he can’t remember? Those are probably important.

His being so cool and collected, trying to control the situation, seems suspect on its own. But, as the camera pans down, we see he’s tapping his foot at a rapid speed.

He doesn’t have everything under control.

You can see how the interrogation plays out in the below:

Criminal season two is made-up of four new cases, with four new suspects, played by Harington,  Sophie Okonedo (Doctor Who), Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe) and Kunal Nayyar (The Big Bang Theory).

If you missed it, or need a refresher, here’s a peek at Anglo favorite David Tennant starring in season one, also a suspect:

Returning cast members include Lee Ingleby (The A Word), Katherine Kelly (Gentleman Jack) and Rochenda Sandall (Line of Duty).

You can look for both seasons over at Netflix, with all of season two available as of September 16.

Are you pleased to see Kit Harington back on the screen? 

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By Brigid Brown