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We have a good handle on British TV, and American to boot, and now… let’s take a little jaunt to New Zealand with the forthcoming Acorn TV series The Sounds, premiering on September 3.

If you’re a fan of Sundance TV’s Top of the Lake, you may recognize Matt Whelan, who stars as Tom Cabbot in The Sounds, opposite Rachelle Lefevre (Proven Innocent) as his wife Maggie. The two portray a Canadian couple who move to New Zealand in search of relief from Tom’s overwhelming family.

There, Tom gets his entrepreneurial on, starting up a salmon fishery. It’s not just for the couple’s livelihood but a chance to help the struggling economy in their new town.

But, as mystery series do, things take a turn… when Tom goes out kayaking, and he doesn’t make the return trip. After his disappearance, troubling issues involving Tom start to come up:

As we hear in the above clip, it’s not just that Tom seemed off, he came across as “desperate.” Maggie admits to a friend that she thought things were too good to be true.

According to the Acorn TV description, the couple ended up in the wrong town to settle down, as they were introduced to even more drama with “grieving wives, cheating husbands, epic embezzlement and historic crime.”

Eh, if there’s all that going on within the town, maybe Tom isn’t the bad guy?

We’ll have to watch the series as it rolls out, starting on September 3 via Acorn TV.

The series is created and written by novelist Sarah-Kate Lynch (The House of Daughters).

If this Canadian transplant story has gotten you thinking more about our friends in the North, here’s an oldie but goodie write-up on 10 Canadian actors who really bring it on American TV.

Is New Zealand your new cuppa? 

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By Brigid Brown