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Noel Clarke (Doctor Who) has revealed that he told the producers of his latest TV project to “fix” the lack of diversity that he encountered on set.

The actor said that when he arrived on set to the undisclosed project and realized the crew was mostly white, he immediately decided to do something about it.

“I’m on a job now which I can’t mention and I came in on day one and I’m the lead actor and I was like, ‘The crew’s not diverse enough, fix it, fix it,’” Clarke revealed during a panel at the Edinburgh TV Festival, which is taking place virtually this year.

According to Deadline, Clarke went on t0 emphasize the importance of nurturing diverse talent from the ground up. “This job’s trainees is the next job’s runner then the next job’s assistant, then they’re a supervisor, then in five years’ time or three years’ time we have more people in the business from different backgrounds,” he said, adding that diversity is “socio-economic, not just about color.”

Clarke was joined on the panel by fellow creatives including Russell T Davies, who was the Doctor Who showrunner during Clarke’s stint playing companion Mickey Smith.

Meanwhile, it’s also been announced today (August 25) that Clarke is to star in Viewpoint, a new five-part drama series based on an idea by Killing Eve and Fleabag director Harry Bradbeer.

Clarke will play DC Martin King, a surveillance detective who sets up an observation post in the home of a Manchester single mom played by Alexandra Roach (Killing Eve, Black Mirror). According to U.K. network ITV, it “follows a tense police surveillance investigation into a tight-knit Manchester community and explores whether it is ever possible to observe the lives of others with true objectivity and zero effect.”

Are you looking forward to seeing Noel Clarke in Viewpoint?

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By Nick Levine