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Things are getting kind of weird on Earth. Maybe that’s why we’re seeing new space-related TV series rolling out, like Steve Carell‘s Space Force.

John C. Reilly seems to have the urge to jettison to another planet, too. He’s working with Portlandia co-creators Fred Armisen and Jonathan Krisel on the forthcoming series Moonbase 8, who will also star in the series, reports Deadline. Tim Heidecker (Tim and Eric Awesome Show) has also signed up to work with the above three stars on co-creating.

Reilly, Armisen and Krisel will all play astronauts training to go to the Moon. But, it’s not promised, as they still need to qualify for the lunar mission and be chosen to represent.

According to the description, the three work to pass the needed training, but they start to question each other’s trustworthiness. And whether or not they can even handle space travel.

It’s not a good sign for NASA that they’re having self-doubt this early on, but for the sake of situational comedy… uh, yeah, that sounds about right.

You can look for the series over at Showtime, with Showtime President of Entertainment, Jana Winograde, saying, “In a year when we have all been forced to come to terms with life in close quarters, we are happy to have landed this offbeat take on life in captivity with dreams of escaping to something grander.”

“While the show was produced before the pandemic, its subject matter is timely – and thanks to Fred, Tim, John and Jonathan, its humor is timeless.”

Now that the series has been completed and found a home, we’re very keen to see the first look trailer. We’ll let you know when it’s available.

Are you a fan of John C. Reilly’s comedy? 

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By Brigid Brown