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Writer-director Charlie Kaufman is known for zany films like 1999’s Being John Malkovich. Even zanier, in 2002 he put a fictionalized version of himself in the movie Adaptation.

And now that he has a new project coming out, anything is possible. Who knows what he’s going to come up with this time? With a first look clip just being released, we now have a bit of an idea.

His new movie I’m Thinking of Ending Things, which is based off of Ian Reid‘s 2016 novel, revolves around a young woman (Jessie Buckley) in a new and budding relationship. And while everything seems great, she has this mantra running through her head, “I’m thinking of ending things.” Not in a doom and gloom sort of way (we don’t think?), but in a  ending the relationship sort of way.

The mantra is on a loop. She has all these nice, lovey-dovey, appreciative thoughts about her new beau (Jesse Plemons), but the ever-present, “I’m thinking of ending things,” keeps popping up.

You can see what we mean by that in the below trailer:

In true Charlie Kaufman fashion, things progressively get a little weird. This is no straight-forward romantic dramedy, but instead a sci-fi time bender.

You can also look for Toni Collette (Unbelievable) and and David Thewlis (Fargo) as the boyfriend’s quirky mom and dad.

I’m thinking of Ending Things will be available for streaming on September 4 via Netflix.

What’s your favorite Charlie Kaufman movie?

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By Brigid Brown