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It was announced last year that Drew Barrymore is set to star in the forthcoming dark comedy The Stand-In. Just today, it’s been confirmed the movie has found a home at Saban Films, reports Deadline.

Production began in January 2019 and the film is completed. With Saban Films acquiring the project, it’s one step closer to making it to the big screen (or VOD, keeping in mind the current climate).

Okay, now that we’ve gotten the logistics covered, what’s the story about?

Barrymore plays a comedic actress who gets in a bit of trouble. Okay, more than a bit, she’s guilty of tax evasion. Her adoring stand-in agrees to do her community service for her. And, from there, she picks up other little side jobs to help the actress avoid stress.

But, nothing comes for free, the stand-in eventually starts doing everything for her. You know, like taking over her identity completely. She moves in on her career and… her man. That’s just going too far.

Saban Films has released a first look photo, which you can see in the below tweet:


At first glance, one might think the Barrymore on the left is the successful actress, as she’s put together. But, on second glance, maybe the more frazzled version, with the wild hair on the right, is in fact her. The character description makes her sound a bit lazy, and maybe she’s only just woken up in the above.

Either way, the description alone and the photo really does give us the LOLs.

Per usual, we shall have to wait to see the first look trailer to figure out who’s who in this tale of double-trouble.

Are you up for Drew Barrymore times two? 

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By Brigid Brown