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If you’ve ever caught one of Will Smith‘s appearances on The Graham Norton Show, you’ll know he brings the house down every single time. His personal issues may have been hitting the headlines in recent weeks, but it’s difficult to imagine that he’ll stay down for too long. With one of his most iconic movies, the 1996 sci-fi blockbuster Independence Day, now available to watch on AMC, here’s a reminder of the much loved actor’s irrepressible energy and super-fun-loving side.

1. The time he demonstrated the best way to pose for a fan photo.

It’s all about perfecting your “hover hands,” apparently.

2. The time he really caught Graham Norton by surprise.

Dame Helen Mirren seemed to really enjoy this little prank, too.

3. Though speaking of Mirren, she can definitely match Will Smith in the naughty stakes.

They do say “there’s nothing like a Dame.”

4. The time he shared a hilarious impression of his father delivering some, well, not so sincere advice.

Smith really knows how to spin a yarn, doesn’t he?

5. The time he really showed his sweet side.

Seriously, try not to melt when Smith recalls the time his grandmother urged him not to use cuss words in his rap lyrics.

6. The time he shared his 50th birthday bucket list.

Spoiler: Will Smith did not enjoy swimming with sharks.

7. And finally, the time he recreated the iconic Fresh Prince rap.

With a little help from his son Jaden Smith, musical partner DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Fresh Prince co-star Alfonso Ribeiro.

Which is your favorite Will Smith moment from The Graham Norton Show?

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By Nick Levine