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Anglo favorite Tom Hiddleston had begun filming the Loki TV series before the pandemic hit. And now, just like the rest of us, he’s self-isolating.

It turns out that he’s a fan of TV, too. So what has he been watching? A little bit of everything…

Hiddleston recently chatted with The Guardian, sharing what’s been on his watch list, saying, “I was gripped, moved and inspired by The Last Dance, the documentary series about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the mid-90s.”

He’s also been tuning into drama, going on to say that he’s been enjoying “Normal People for its two extraordinary central performances from Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones.”

Hiddleston has also been going through archives of “old tennis matches,” which he finds “comforting.” He points out, in particular, the 2014 Djokovic/Federer Wimbledon final.

Everyone has their own way of going about quarantine, and this seems to be his — mixing things up.

He ended on a fun note, saying, “And, because we all need cheering up, Dirty Dancing.”

Now we’re just picturing him in the backyard doing the famous DD lift at the resort’s end-of-summer dance.

While Loki may be at a standstill as of now, it’s scheduled to premiere in 2021. You can also look for Richard E. Grant (Dispatches from Elsewhere) and Owen Wilson (The French Dispatch).

What have you guys been watching? A little bit of everything… !? 

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By Brigid Brown