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Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas have reprised their Doctor Who roles in a new scene written by former showrunner Steven Moffat.

Mackie’s Bill Potts and Lucas’s Nardole trade poignant audio messages in “The Best of Days,” the latest in a series of “Lockdown” scenes produced remotely while much of the world maintains social distancing.

Mackie – who portrayed Potts, the show’s first openly gay companion, for 13 episodes in 2017 – is inviting fans who enjoy the new scene to support one of five Black Lives Matter organizations in the U.K. and U.S, which she mentions in the scene’s YouTube page.

In the scene, Bill tells Nardole that she has just participated in a march because “it turns out that not all Cybermen have got handles on their heads – put it that way.”

She then reassures him that she maintained social distancing at the peaceful protest, saying: “A lot of very angry with a very, very good reason to be angry kept their distance and kept their calm. At least where I was, everyone remembered to be kind.”

The full scene, which has original music by Murray Gold, who served as Doctor Who‘s musical director and composer from 2005-18, is available to watch below.

Did you enjoy hearing from Bill Potts and Nardole again?

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By Nick Levine