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The workplace drama Sticks and Stones has already aired in the U.K. and it’s now heading to the U.S., courtesy of BritBox. Doctor Foster‘s Mike Bartlett has created and written the three-part series.

We can look for Killing Eve‘s Ken Nwosu in the lead. Nwosu starred as Max Sanford in KE‘s “Nice Face” and “I Have a Thing About Bathrooms” in season one. Sanford was a supporting character, on detail to protect Frank at the safe house.

This time around, Nwosu is front and center. He portrays the main character, Thomas Benson, a team lead in a sales organization. When he goes to present a project he’s working on, he freezes and actually passes out in the meeting.

One might think people would be empathetic to his plight, but it seems like everyone is turning on him.

The trailer helps fill in the blanks:

In the above trailer, Benson starts off confident and happy, but then he begins to change. He even looks into filing a complaint, but instead it’s turned on him when he’s told, “It’s my assessment, that you’re suffering from anxiety and depression.”

He may just be… but, what caused it? He wasn’t always this way.

This is a really tricky situation, and we can’t wait to watch and see how the story plays out.

You can look for Sticks and Stones over at BritBox as of June 9.

Is this something you can get into? 

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By Brigid Brown