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If you’re hoping for another “such fun” episode of Miranda, the show’s creator and star Miranda Hart may have given you cause to be cautiously optimistic.

Hart and her Miranda co-stars Tom Ellis, Sally Phillips, Sarah Hadland, and Patricia Hodge recently reunited for a BBC charity sketch to raise money for people affected by coronavirus. They also teamed up in December for a 10-year anniversary special in which they looked back at classic clips from the show.

However, it’s now been more than five years since the sitcom’s last episode proper, “The Final Curtain.” Asked if she could imagine reviving Miranda for another full episode, Hart said on BBC One’s The One Show Friday night: “I love those characters and I really miss playing her. There is always a desire to do more. It’s just sort of that fear of, do I have the right story? Where are they at?”

Miranda bowed out in 2015 with Hart’s title character marrying her longtime love interest, Gary, played by Ellis. “I would love to see Miranda and Gary where they’re at, in their married life,” Hart said, before adding more tentatively: “I really don’t know. As the writer and performer, my answer is: I don’t know. I don’t know what to do. It’s lovely that people want it.”

So, there we have it – it’s a definite maybe, and we’ll have to “bear with” Hart while we wait on possible new episodes. For now, though, you can relive this clip of Hart being typically charming and funny on The Graham Norton Show – and there’s always the American remake starring Mayim Bialik to look forward to.

Would you like to see more Miranda, or did the show bow out at the right time?

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By Nick Levine