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David Tennant has been beyond busy these past few months, including filming a TV series from his home, opposite Good Omens co-star Michael Sheen. The two play furloughed actors in the web series called Staged

When the first episode aired, viewers noticed something out of the ordinary in Tennant’s backyard. A TARDIS! It’s not that it was out of place, more so in place, with Tennant having starred in Doctor Who as the Tenth Doctor.

But, it definitely left people curious about the origin of the full-sized blue police box. Tennant, being the kind man he is, offered up some answers on how this came about.

In a recent interview with HBO Max, Tennant exclaimed, “It’s not a real one. We didn’t, like, nick it off the set or anything!”

We didn’t think so, but that would be a nice souvenir.

He carried on with what it’s not and where he didn’t get it, saying, “It’s not like… Steven Moffat, if you go to his house it’s full of actual stuff, actual booty, like real TARDISes and real Weeping Angels and things.”

Oh, but wouldn’t that be amazing.

Tennant reveals where he did get his “not real” TARDIS, explaining, “That’s one my kids’ step-grandad made them, because my kids got very into it, briefly, and then they moved on like the fickle heartbreakers that they are!”

Yes, kids do lose interest fairly easily. But, wonderful to hear they are are keen on their dad’s work.

Does this answer any questions you may have had? 

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By Brigid Brown