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Darren Boyd starred as disgraced MI5 agent Frank Haleton in the first season of BBC America’s groundbreaking Killing Eve. Let’s just say, his storyline did not end well.

But, on a lighter note, Boyd himself is back at it and starring in the BritBox original series Isolation Stories, which airs on ITV in the U.K. The limited series is made-up of four short dramas that examine what people are getting up to behind closed doors during quarantine.

Boyd plays a man named Mike, who’s on his own and… he’s not doing so well. He’s “marooned” in Bristol, England, and has some serious cabin fever. In the new clip, we see him speaking in rapid successions to his therapist Rochelle (Angela Griffin) on the other side of the video chat, taking breaks to speed sip on his water bottle.

She seems a bit alarmed by his behavior and him saying things like, “I’m fine! I’m not fine!”

Hmm, is he fine? What’s your take on it?

You can see the full clip over at

While the performance is riddled with anxiety (as it’s supposed to be), it does give us a giggle when Frank announces, “Have we started??” after having going on for over a minute. Then he asks, “Is it still 110.” It’s not exactly clear what he’s referring to at first, possibly the weather, but he’s talking about the rate for the therapy session.

He goes from concerns of being isolated to trying to negotiate down the cost of the session as his therapist doesn’t have to pay for the therapy suite. She vetoes his suggestion.

The clip ends with her saying, “So, what do you want to talk about?” He is pretty baffled, as he has been talking about what’s on his mind.

Here’s a peek at a teaser for the episode via ITV:

Isolation Stories: Mike & Rochelle

Tonight’s episode of #IsolationStories: Mike & Rochelle, starring Darren Boyd & Angela Griffin.Only when speaking with long-term friend and part-time therapist Rochelle does Mike get the reality check he needs…Watch tonight at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub:

Posted by ITV on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

In addition to Boyd and Griffin, you can look for other familiar faces in the other three episodes, including Sheridan Smith, Eddie Marsan, David Threlfall, Michael Jibson, Leanne Best, Philip Jackson, Robert Glenister and his son Tom Glenister.

Isolation Stories kicks off on BritBox today (June 23).

Does this series give you any comfort? 

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By Brigid Brown