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We just saw Pierce Brosnan (GoldenEye) in AMC’s Western series The Son (2017-2019). Now, he’s stepping into one of our favorite genres… sci-fi.

Brosnan is set to play an ad-tech in Brett Marty‘s feature-length directorial debut, entitled Youth. The movie is based on Marty’s short film by the same name, which he directed and co-wrote with Amelia Whitcomb.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a look at the trailer for the short:

The story revolves around a “renewal” process, where people can get back years of life. It’s not just in terms of looks. Apparently, it also rewinds the body’s biological clock internally. In the above, we see a couple, Alice (Jessica Stroup) and Joel (George Maguire), who have been married for 45 years. Alice goes through the process successfully. It’s not clear why, but Joel does not.

While they’re still the same people, there is now an age gap.

The feature length film will expand on the above with Brosnan taking on the role of Joel. Joel, 70, is about to retire.  His company doesn’t want to lose him and offers to foot the bill for he and his wife to have the procedure. According to the description, it will give them a “second chance.”

But, something goes wrong… instead of aging backward, Joel’s procedure causes him to age rapidly in advance. Against his better judgment, based on desperation to stay with his wife, he goes forward with a much more dangerous procedure.

We all age for a reason — this does not look like it’s going to end well.

Marty has co-written the screenplay with Josh Izenberg (Ants and Elephants) and Amelia Whitcomb, Marty’s co-writer of the short film Youth (as mentioned above). It hasn’t been announced who is set to play Alice just yet. It’s not clear if we’ll see her at both ages, which if that’s the case, it may call on two actresses or CGI.

In the meantime, here’s a catch-up on some of Brosnan’s action roles, which we’ve pulled from the “Anglo Files.”

Are you keen to see Pierce Brosnan up on the big screen once again?

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By Brigid Brown