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If you’ve been tuning into the latest season of Killing Eve, then you know that we are now at the finale. There are a lot of questions still up in the air.

Who killed Kenny? Where is the missing money from the Geneva account? Which team is Villanelle going to end up on?!

Episode eight — “Are You Leading or Am I?” — is finally here. Now let’s see if we get all the answers:

Villanelle joins Carolyn at Royal Albert Hall in London. She wants to switch teams and work for Carolyn. She doesn’t want to kill anymore, but instead do “spy stuff.” Carolyn turns her down, saying, “I don’t know what you’re offering. You were trained to do one thing and one thing only. If you can’t do that, what use are you to me? To anyone?”

Reaction: That’s a blow to the ego. And Villanelle is all ego.

Konstantin is still in the hospital, recovering from his heart attack. He gets dressed and decides to discharge himself. Before leaving, he goes to see Dasha, who is also recovering from her (non heart) attacks. The two argue over what’s best for Villanelle. Dasha gets so worked up that she flatlines.

Reaction: That’s one way to finish someone off.

Villanelle is at an old-timey dance hall, watching ballroom dancers. Eve turns up and the two have a catch-up. The organizer asks that the women join in, which they do. Moving to the floor, slow dancing, Villanelle whispers into Eve’s ear, “I’ve killed so many people.” Eve confirms, “I know.” Their dance is cut short when Hélène’s new recruit, Rhian, shows up.

Reaction: Uh-oh, why is she there?

Villanelle tells Eve to go and presses something into her hand. Luckily for Eve, Rhian is looking for Villanelle, saying, “Oi. Hélène wants to see you.” Villanelle is less than impressed by this young recruit bossing her around. She cheekily says to her, “If you want to dance, all you have to do is ask,” and then she grabs her and dips her.

Reaction: Rhian is less than impressed by Villanelle’s cavalierness.

The two head to the subway. They make awkward small talk while they wait. Then the awkwardness turns aggressive, with Rhian confronting Villanelle, pressing her against the wall and hissing at her, “I’m glad you checked out. In fact, it’s better for me. The bigger your crisis, the quicker I can take your place. So, keep having your wobble. Keep hoping that the universe has something lined up for you. But, do one thing, okay!? Come quietly, little sheep.”

Reaction: She gave a solid speech. But it was not a good idea.

Rhian makes a grave mistake, turning her back on Villanelle and leaving herself vulnerable. Villanelle says “I’m sorry” in advance, then lunges at her, punching her in the face three times to disable her. After a few punches to the stomach and a couple follow-ups to the face, she grabs Rhian by the neck and holds her up against the wall, with her feet off the floor.

Reaction: Villanelle could strangle her to death, but she lets her go.

Now Rhian is the one who is wobbly. She stumbles backward, uncomfortably close to the edge of the train tracks. She pleas with Villanelle, saying, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please.” Villanelle picks and chooses her victims with diplomacy (sometimes). It appears she might let Rhian off the hook. But, nope. She high kicks her to the tracks, with a train approaching.

Reaction: Rhian is wide-awake and very aware as the train runs over her. The sounds will be haunting us for awhile.

Carolyn and Geraldine are having a sit-down at the house. Geraldine is reading off a list of things she’s sorry for to Carolyn. When it’s Carolyn’s turn, she opens up a blank notebook, and pretends to read off, “Dear Geraldine, I think it’s time you left.” The end. She wants Geraldine to go live an age-appropriate life. Geraldine does not take it well.

Reaction: Carolyn has the right to live her age-appropriate life as well.

Eve makes her way to Croydon in South London. She finds herself at Bridgeway Bets and talks her way into seeing the owner. It appears what Villanelle had handed her at the dance hall is a piece of paper with the code to a safety deposit box at the betting depot. Eve takes out a small plastic bag, which definitely cannot hold six million pounds.

Reaction: Eve has gotten this far, but it doesn’t appear to be far enough.

Carolyn goes to The Bitter Pill. Jamie and his team have discovered something. Kenny’s former coworker had set up a secret camera to find out who was stealing his sweets. The camera recorded Kenny’s last day in the office, the day he died. And… Carolyn watches in horror as she sees Konstantin show up.

Reaction: Say it isn’t so! We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. We still don’t know what happened up on the roof.

Konstantin shows up as Eve is leaving with the contents of the box. He wants his package. She refuses to give it to him, but when she opens it, it’s a stack of wooden nesting dolls. While he claims it’s a souvenir for his daughter, it turns out it contains a barcode to access another safety deposit box with the missing money and forged passports.

Reaction: The barcode is useless if Eve doesn’t know where the safety deposit box is located.

Villanelle makes a visit to The Bitter Pill. This place is becoming a real hot spot. Jamie and the gang are not expecting her and are in awe. “It’s her. It’s her.” They stay safely in Jamie’s office, gazing at her from afar. She’s there to meet with Eve, but when she gets a call from Konstantin, she skidaddles.

Reaction: Villanelle has become a celebrity in her own right.

Villanelle agrees to meet up with Konstantin and Eve. In the meantime, Konstantin gets a call with the person on the other end, simply saying, “I know. I know you are the one who has been stealing from the account.” It’s Paul, Carolyn’s new supervisor. But, we soon learn, he’s not calling on his own volition. Carolyn has a pistol aimed at his head.

Reaction: Oh, she is pissed.

There’s a change of plans. All three, Konstantin, Eve and Villanelle, go to Paul’s house. Carolyn was only expecting Konstantin, but she’s fine with Eve and Villanelle sticking around. It appears it’s a bit of an intervention. Paul claims he only knows Konstantin because he’s been working undercover. Konstantin claims Paul is The Twelve.

Reaction: Who’s to be believed?

Carolyn tells Konstantin to sit down next to Paul. She will get to the bottom of this. Eve and Villanelle grab a seat, acting as spectators. Konstantin challenges her, asking if she can even shoot a gun. Oh, she can. And she proves it, shooting the skull of a bust. Paul chimes in with a threat, “You’re going to burn for this. Both of you.”

Reaction: This probably isn’t the time to antagonize Carolyn.

Carolyn tells him, “Shut up, Paul,” and it works. Konstantin admits to working for The Twelve, and that Carolyn knows this and it shouldn’t be a surprise. But, what he doesn’t know is that Carolyn saw the footage of him at The Bitter Pill. With Paul possibly being The Twelve, Villanelle asks him if he knows Hélène. Eve asks if he knows who ordered the kill on Niko.

Reaction: This is not why Carolyn suggested this get together.

Carolyn asks the one and only question that she wants answered, directing it at Konstantin, “Why did you kill my son?” Eve exclaims, “What!?” She’s just as surprised as us. Carolyn outs him for being there. He tries to explain himself, saying he went to the office to warn Kenny that he was is in too deep, and it’d be best for him to work for The Twelve vs. against them.

Reaction: Okay, okay, we’re following you, Konstantin.

Konstantin continues on, saying Kenny got scared, kept stepping backward, and accidentally fell off the roof. Konstantin went to the office to try and save Kenny from himself, from the work he was doing that would get him killed. He says he got the order from Paul. Paul puts up a protest, screeching, “He’s lying!” Carolyn isn’t buying it and orders Konstantin to his knees.

Reaction: Konstantin talked to Kenny the night before, learning he may be his father. He must be telling the truth!

Konstantin is on his knees, trying to negotiate with Carolyn. He tells Carolyn that he loves her. It’s not enough. He asks, “Why just me? Why not him?” meaning Paul. She doesn’t care about Paul, he doesn’t mean anything to her. She holds Konstantin to a higher standard. He closes his eyes, waiting for the inevitable, but hasn’t completely given up, crying out, “Villanellllllle. Do something. Villanellllllle. ”

Reaction: She doesn’t do anything.

Carolyn has the gun to Konstantin’s forehead, touching his skin. We can practically see the imprint when she pulls it away, and in less than a blink, turns her aim on Paul and shooting him straight in the middle of the forehead. He never saw it coming. She lets Konstantin go before she changes her mind.

Reaction: We would’ve liked to have seen Paul sweat it out a bit more, to be honest.

Eve has all has all sorts of Qs, like, “Why kill him!? He had everything we wanted to know about The Twelve.” Carolyn replies, as cool and calm as ever, “He was a traitor. Mo found the evidence and Paul had him killed for it.” Carolyn tells Eve that The Twelve is indestructible and maybe Eve should “go cold turkey.”

Reaction: In other words, “Give up.”

Eve leaves in a huff. And Villanelle runs after her. The two chat and they both reflect on what they’ve become, discussing what their futures hold. All looks bleak. Villanelle suggests Eve turn one way, with Villanelle turning the other, and that the two should each walk in the opposite direction and never look back. But they both turn back… at almost the exact same time.

Reaction: These two are connected. It is unbreakable.

That’s it for now, we’ll see you when… season four premieres!

What are your reactions to Killing Eve season three? 

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