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As you probably know by now, this Sunday (May 31) marks the Killing Eve season three finale. There’s been a ton of action leading up to episode eight in this killer-thriller, like Kenny dying, Eve and Carolyn searching for answers, and Villanelle working on a promotion.

As well, poor Niko has landed in the hospital after being stabbed in the neck with a pitchfork by Dasha. We’re not sure what his future will bring, but with him being laid up, TV watching might be his only relief right now.

Here are 10 shows we think might provide some awesome entertainment:

1. Holby City 

With Niko back in England (after making his “escape” to Poland), he may get a kick out of watching the British soap opera Holby City, which is based in a hospital. Being a soap, it will be on every day, giving him a storyline to look for. It might be a little too much of hospital life, but at the same time, it’s kind of like a play within a play.

2. The Baker and the Beauty 

Niko worked as a bread delivery man for a hot minute, before being almost killed. We have a feeling he’d be up for some escapist TV. Like, maybe he could pretend he’s the lead in the new series The Baker and the Beauty. The series revolves around a man, who is, yep, you guessed it, a baker, and his relationship with a famous model-turned-mogul.

3. Świat według Kiepskich

With Niko having parents from Poland and him speaking fluent Polish, he may enjoy this Polish sitcom, which translates to The World According to the Kiepski Family. The family comedy is in the native tongue, so he may need to use the remote to pause and translate for us. But, we can probably pick up on body language. There are 17 seasons, so this will keep him busy for a while.

4. Scrubs 

The American sitcom Scrubs is also set in a hospital. The story follows medical intern J.D. Dorian (Zach Braff) who navigates his career, friendships and love life, without even having to leave his work place. We have a feeling Niko may want to see the funny things that can happen in his temporary home.

5. Love 

It seems like Niko is done with Eve. And, he might find it scary to be newly single, once he’s out of the hospital. He may want to take a peek at the online series Love, which sees a guy (Paul Rust) and a girl (Gillian Jacobs) meet by chance and build an entirely new relationship from nothing. This can give Niko hope that he can love again… after an extremely bad breakup (understatement).

6. Bad Education

Before Niko dabbled as a delivery man, he worked as a high school teacher. By this point, he probably misses being in the classroom and working with the the students. Jack Whitehall‘s Bad Education might do the trick. Whitehall takes on the role of Alfie Wickers, the worst teacher ever. This may be the confidence builder Niko really needs.

7. The Spy 

We have a feeling Niko has had enough involvement with spies to last a lifetime, but Sacha Baron Cohen‘s performance in The Spy is one for the books. And, he dons a mustache, just like Niko. They’re in the same club. Possibly Niko can put his bitter feelings aside to check out Baron Cohen as real life figure Eli Cohen, who worked on behalf of the Israeli Intelligence Community in the 1960s. He liked his undercover life so much, that he didn’t want to go back to his real one… that sounds like someone Niko knows (and is married to).

8. The Great British Baking Show 

Niko seems to be the chef in the family, whipping up a mean shepherd’s pie (that even impressed Villanelle). Watching cooking shows can be quite relaxing. With The Great British Baking Show being a competition show, it’s got edge, but maybe he can just enjoy the baking bit and turn off the episode before things get too cut-throat (knife pun not intended, but we like it).

9. Grey’s Anatomy

Niko is so over Eve, telling her to “Piss off. Forever.” But, he might enjoy watching Sandra Oh, who plays Eve, in a different role. Oh starred as Dr. Christina Yang in the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy for close to a decade. Christina is as tenacious as she is prideful. Sure, he might find it odd to see his on-again/off-again wife on the TV screen, but we’re going to call on suspension of disbelief for this one.

10. Killing Eve 

And finally, it might be painful for Niko to go back and watch the cat and mouse chase unfold in Killing Eve, but it also may be worth it. He can see what went wrong in his relationship with Eve and avoid pitfalls going forward. Well, as long as his next love interest doesn’t turn into an unofficial spy and investigate a deadly clandestine organization.

Are you going to sit bedside with Niko and indulge in any of these? 

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By Brigid Brown