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Which actor do you think it would be most fun to quarantine with? Dispatches from Elsewhere star Richard E. Grant is surely somewhere near the top of the list, especially since he’s sharing classic quotes from his beloved cult movie Withnail & I.

In his latest clip, Grant commits to his line reading so intensely that he ends up bursting into laughter – or “corpsing” as actors say. Check out his fabulous delivery of the word “twaddle” below.

Grant is clearly having a great time making what he’s calling “Withnail & Isolation” content in and around his home in the Cotswolds, a picturesque area of southern England. He co-starred opposite future Doctor Who star Paul McGann in the 1987 black comedy movie Withnail & I as the title character, an unemployed actor who’s hugely charismatic but definitely has delusions of grandeur.

It’s become such a cult favorite that there’s even a very boozy-looking drinking game associated with the film.

You can also catch Grant right now in Dispatches from Elsewhere, AMC’s unique new anthology series airing Mondays at 10pm EST. And if that’s still not enough Richard E. for you, check out our recent round-up of some of his most memorable roles.

Do you have a favorite quote from Withnail & I?

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By Nick Levine