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The TV series Seinfeld airs in repeat on a regular basis, that it almost seems like it’s broadcasting in real time. But, of course, it’s been over twenty years since the show has been in syndication.

With that said, co-creator Jerry Seinfeld has been working on new material, which we can look for in his new Netflix special 23 Hours to Kill. It’s not just the title that has a James Bond-esque feel, but so does the new trailer.

In the below clip, we see Seinfeld in a tuxedo, pinned to a table with metal cuffs on both his wrists and ankles. A baddie enters the room, saying, “Good evening, Mr. S.” Oh, if only it was Newman holding him captive.

The baddie, who goes by Blowfish, says to the comedian, “You won’t be missed.” With a huge Seinfeld fanbase out there, he would be missed. But, we don’t have to worry about that, because Seinfeld gets himself out of this compromised situation and makes it to the stage. Whew.

The clip also provides a snippet of new material, like him asking, “Who designed the bathroom stall with the under-display viewing window?” Answering himself, “Would it have cost much more money for a full door?” That Seinfeld, he always asks the questions that we’re all thinking. It’s his answers that are so spot on and get the laughs.

He even goes so far to give the super villain, who was just holding him hostage, tips on how to be more funny.

The Seinfeld special, 23 Hours to Kill, will premiere on Netflix on May 5.

What happens in the other hour? 

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By Brigid Brown