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We really enjoyed Keeley Hawes as MP Julia Montague in the 2018 breakout series Bodyguard, starring opposite Richard Madden (Game of Thrones). We’ll be getting more of Hawes in the forthcoming streaming series Honour, which you can find over at BritBox, reports 

The true crime miniseries tells the tragic story of Banaz Mahmod. In 2006, Mahmod’s family ordered her to be killed, because of what they deemed a shameful relationship. Mahmod, 20, was Iraqi Kurdish Muslim and lived in Wimbledon, London, at the time of the “honor killing.”

Prior to her murder, Mahmod had filed five reports of threats on her life. Hawes steps in to portray real life DCI Caroline Goode, who pursued justice for the slain woman, when learning Mahmod had been ignored by the police force.

While terribly sad, at least someone came to her defense, even if post-mortem.

The two-part series is written by Gwyneth Hughes (Vanity Fair) and directed by Richard Laxton (Mum). In addition to starring, Hawes has a production company called Buddy Club. Honour will be its first production, in collaboration with Hera Pictures.

BritBox President and CEO Soumya Sriraman addressed bringing this story to the screen in a statement, saying, “Honour is a heartbreaking, real story told with care by Keeley, Liza (Marshall of Hera Pictures), and team, and BritBox is proud to play a role in sharing Banaz and Caroline’s stories around the world.”

It hasn’t been announced when the series will release, but you can look for it over at BritBox, available in both the U.S. and U.K.

Is Keeley Hawes on your watch list? 

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By Brigid Brown