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Celebrities are doing what they can to create awareness about what to do and what not to do during this time of crisis. Mel Brooks, who is 93, and his son Max, 47, have created a timely PSA announcement.

Of course, with Brooks being a well-known funnyman (Young FrankensteinSpaceballs), the two have added a dash of humor to their DIY video to soften the blow a bit.

Max kicks off the clip by introducing himself. And then his dad enters the scene. The two are divided by a glass door. While serious in nature, and the point being to keep a safe distance, Max explains what just might happen if not:

It goes a little dark, as things do when Brooks is involved. In 2018, he chatted with NPR, saying, “The comedy writer is like the conscience of the king. He’s got to tell him the truth. And that’s my job: to make terrible things entertaining.”

It’s not all doom and gloom, with Max providing a bulleted list of sensible tips: 1) Practice social distancing; 2) Avoid crowds; 3) Wash your hands; 4) Keep six feet away from people; 5) Stay home if you can.

It’s very sweet of Max to look out for his father and for the two of them to take the time to produce and post their message on #DontBeASpreader. The clip ends with Mel shooing his son to leave, saying, “Go home, go home.”

We don’t hear Mel speak all that much in the above, at least not until the end. With that said, we’ll leave you with this:

Shall we end on a lighter note? Do you have a favorite Mel Brooks role? 

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By Brigid Brown