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Georgia and David Tennant, aka The Tenth Doctor, are a pretty private couple. You won’t see pictures of them out on the red carpet together. And, we don’t blame them… it’s called a private life for a reason.

But, even so, Georgia was keen to share a video made by her parents, Peter, aka The Fifth Doctor, and Elizabeth, for her daughter Olive‘s ninth birthday. Yes, Georgia is an accomplished actress, also starring in Doctor Who, but in this case, clearly she’s a proud mama.

Here’s a look at the video where Olive’s grandparents play piano and sing “Happy Birthday” to her:

The above isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but it marks a sign of the times, that we’re all doing things in a different way. And, celebrities like Georgia and David are in it, just like all of us.

Georgia’s son Ty has been popping up on the blog a lot these days, starring in War of the Worlds and sharing advice he’s gotten from his actor parents. 

Georgia saw the second post and shared it via Instagram, writing, “This headline pretty much sums up the core of my parenting advice…” You can see the rest of her sentiment below:

Side note: Thanks for the share, Georgia!

She seems to be in a sharing mood of late. It was also Ty’s birthday recently, just turning 18. She suspects he would’ve rather had a night out with friends, but we have a sneaky feeling, being home with mum and dad and his lil’ siblings was fun, too.

Here’s the birthday shout out:

And, one more fun post. While Georgia clearly adores her children, she’s not above embarrassing them. Which sounds like a parental right? Here she is sharing a birthday shout out for her daughter Daisy:

We’ve learned a lot about Georgia from these posts. The biggest takeaway: she is really funny.

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By Brigid Brown