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In case you hadn’t heard, today (March 3) is World Wildlife Day! Not that we need an excuse to celebrate the animals who share our home — Seven Worlds, One Planet has been ahead of the game, putting a spotlight on each continent’s extraordinary wildlife every week.

Before the gripping ‘Making Of’ episode airs this Saturday at 9/8c, let’s observe this holiday with a look back at seven creatures who’ve reminded us just how fascinatingly diverse and important our world’s wildlife really is.

North America: Manatee and Alligator Neighbors
What better way to celebrate your own holiday than at an underwater spa?! These manatees take a break from scrubbing to get up close and personal with alligators, who are (thankfully) not quite thawed out yet from the winter chill.

South America: Piraputanga Fish Leap for Fruit
These athletic fish can be found in the crystal clear waters of Brazil. When the monkeys are away, they’re known to show off their hunting and dancing skills, which often includes a perfectly executed mid-air Twist.

Antarctica: Albatross Chick Reclaims Nest
In one of the most intense nature scenes since lizard vs. snakes, an albatross chick is displaced from its nest and must attempt to claw back into safety. We know it’s hard to watch, but… [SPOILER] it ends in well-earned triumph.

Africa: Flamingo Paradise
Have you ever wondered why these “party birds” have pink feathers? It turns out it’s a very festive side effect of their diet in Africa’s lakes.

Europe: Wild Hamster Cemetery Fight
Wild hamsters, you say? Although many are kept as pets here in the U.S., Europe remains home to plenty of their wild counterparts. This clip teaches us a very important lesson: never mess with these courageous critters’ snacks.

Asia: Snow Monkey Face-Off
Snub-nosed monkeys may be insanely adorable, but they’re also insanely tough. They live in one of the most extreme habitats on Earth in Asia’s high elevation forests, and when food is scarce, tribes must come together to fight for their keep.

Australia: Kangaroo Joey Learns How to Box
Australia’s vast grassy plains make an ideal home for one of the continent’s most iconic animals: kangaroo. Watch young joeys pick up life skills both from inside and outside the pouch.

Which continent is at the top of your travel list?

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By Elizabeth Hyde