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The Golden Raspberry Awards — also known as the Razzies —were announced earlier this year and Dame Judi Dench has made the list. It’s not necessarily a list one wants to land on, but she’s not bothered.

Originated in 1981, the parody award show recognizes the best of the worst performances. Dame Judi can do no wrong in our eyes, but the 2019 film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s Cats has taken the lead in noms, in which she stars as Old Deuteronomy.

With that said, BBC Radio’s John Wilson brought this non-honor to her attention, with the dame simply responding, “Oh, am I? Oh, very very good. As the worst supporting actor? Oh, well that would be good. As far as I know, that’s a first.”

That’s definitely one way to look at it, embracing this being “a first” for something.

In the same interview, Dench talked about the movie itself, saying, “I was aware of the response only slightly, I think people had been rather kind to me. I’m not big on reading the news anyway. You kind of know, yourself, about something I think.”

It may just be us, but we don’t see anything wrong with her Cats performance (but, we may be biased). We’ll just leave you with this:

In more relative news, she and friend Gyles Brandreth are doing their part in keeping public awareness up about hand washing:

And, if you need something to look forward to, Dench has completed filming on Blithe Spirit, also starring Dan Stevens

Are you okay with a little razzing? Like, it’s just a bit of fun… 

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By Brigid Brown