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Uma Thurman recently starred in 2019’s Chambers. As well, she popped up in the Bravo TV original Imposters (2018-2019).

You can also look for Thurman in the forthcoming Apple TV+ series Suspicion. The drama is an English-language adaptation of the Israeli thriller called False Flag, reports 

The story revolves around an American business woman (Thurman) whose son is kidnapped from a high-end hotel in NYC. The abduction is caught on camera and goes viral. Four British guests of the same hotel are being pegged as the conspirators.

It poses the question: are they guilty of a crime? Or, guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

The storyline from the original series is a bit different, with the person kidnapped being a government official. But, the trailer does give us some insight into the people accused. Shockingly, they have no idea until seeing their faces on TV as being wanted or being notified by a friend of family member:

Well, that’s quite alarming. One woman is about to be married and another is home with his young daughter, when learning about the turn of events. Another is on a plane and gets a call from his worried father. In the above, we see a young woman chatting about her image on TV and she seems to be enjoying the notoriety.

It’s definitely interesting to see how each handles the news differently. We have a feeling that last woman will not find this all so amusing when the authorities come to collect her.

The original puts a lot of focus on the accused, but what about the victim? We shall have to wait for more details on Suspicion to come out, to see if that storyline has changed, too? Swapping in a family member, versus a public figure, may make it just that more personal for those involved.

There is no start date as of yet. In the meantime, you can watch False Flag over at Hulu. 

Are you psyched to see Uma Thurman in a new role? 

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By Brigid Brown