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The BBC is going to the dogs… but, in a good way in this case. Rebel Wilson (How to Be Single) already hosts a TV show called Pooch Perfect, which airs in Australia. Now, BBC is adapting the series for U.K. airwaves, according to BBC Media Centre. 

What about the rest of us? We shall cross our fingers that it makes it statewide and globally, sooner than later.

But, in the meantime, we shall map out the plan. Hosted by Sheridan Smith (Cleaning Up), the eight-part series will consist of ten pairs of professional dog stylists from all over the U.K., competing for the title of Top Dog Stylist. Each episode will revolve around a themed challenge to “create epic transformations of beloved pets.”

Each week, the stylists will send their finished work down “The Dogwalk.” Judges will be on hand to deliberate. As well as the dog’s person, who will be there for the big reveal.

It seems pretty straightforward to us. It’s basically Project Runway, but with dogs.

Smith, who has starred in popular TV series like Gavin and Stacey, is beyond excited to handle hosting duties, saying this is a “dream job.”

She elaborates, saying in a statement, “To combine my love of dogs with a brand-new job presenting for the BBC was a match made in heaven. Everyone who knows me will understand that animals, and especially dogs are very special to me.”

She doesn’t just talk the talk, but she walks the walk: “I live at home with six dogs, so presenting a show dedicated to our four-legged best friends didn’t take much consideration! I’m used to being on set with lots of actors… this time I can’t wait to hang out all day with dozens of dogs…for me it is literally the dream job.”

When she puts it like that, it definitely sounds like a dream job.

ICYMI, here’s a peek at the trailer for Wilson’s series:

Now we have dogs on the brain…

A BBCA staffer has submitted a photo of her dog, Ziggy, who could be considered a Cinderella story. Along with the photo came a bit of his backstory: “He’s very rough and tumble and always dirty! A real ‘dog’s dog,’ if you will.”

Do you have a pooch at home? Would you like to share a snap in the comments — we’d love to see!!

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By Brigid Brown