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Earlier this month, Warwick Davis talked about reprising the role of Willow for a TV series that is in the works. He starred in the original 1988 movie, directed by Ron Howard.

And, as the headline suggests, now Howard is talking about the project.

In an interview with Collider, the acclaimed director said, “We are developing Willow for Disney+. And I don’t know about directing or not, but Jon Kasdan is writing, he’s very passionate about it, great job. We don’t have a green light yet, but if it goes, I’ll certainly want to roll up my sleeves and be a part of that, because that would be great, to revisit that world.”

We vote for directing vs. “not,” but whatever Howard’s role, his involvement is a true testament to the continuation of this story, as he is a very sought after director, producer, writer… all of the above.

Howard is super supportive of the movie being adapted for TV, saying, “Warwick will be in it. Warwick is so cool and so good and he’s such a good actor that I really hope we get the chance to see the mature Willow in action.”

The project is still in the works, and it’s not 100% confirmed, but Howard suggests that it will pick up after the original movie and the passing of time will be recognized, saying, I think it’s safe to say it’s decades later.”

And that seems to be Warwick’s plan, too, with him saying in an earlier interview, “I’d certainly relish the opportunity to play a character that I really enjoyed playing the first time around. I’m a bit older and a bit wiser as an actor now, and the character would also be a bit older and wiser and I think there’s really an interesting story there.”

ICYMI or it’s been a minute, here’s the trailer for the original movie:

1998’s Willow was written by George Lucas, with the screenplay by Bob Dolman and also starred Val Kilmer. The forthcoming series is being written by Jon Kasdan (Solo: A Star Wars Story).

Do you think Val Kilmer will be next to sign on!?

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By Brigid Brown