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Today brings exciting news for Matthew McConaughey fans: the original True Detective star is reuniting with the show’s creator Nic Pizzolatto for an intriguing new drama series called Redeemer.

According to Deadline, the series is “inspired by” Patrick Coleman’s acclaimed debut novel The Churchgoer, which was published last year.

McConaughey will star as a minister-turned-security guard whose search for a missing woman in Texas leads him into a grisly criminal conspiracy filled with “escalating violence and deceit.” It’s a role you can almost picture McConaughey inhabiting already.

Pizzolatto, who previously wrote several episodes of AMC’s The Killing, said in a statement that he is “very excited” to be re-teaming with McConaughey for the first time since the debut season of True Detective, for which both he and McConaughey earned Emmy nominations.

Pizzolatto then served as showrunner on two subsequent seasons of True Detective, which starred Colin Farrell and Mahershala Ali respectively. HBO has yet to confirm whether it intends to order a fourth season, and it’s unclear whether Pizzolatto would stay on as showrunner if the series does return.

McConaughey’s latest movie The Gentlemen, a crime caper co-starring Farrell, Hugh Grant, and Michelle Dockery, opened in theaters earlier this month. Redeemer, which has been commissioned by FX, will be his first TV acting role since True Detective.

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By Nick Levine