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Emily Blunt (A Quiet Place) recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and she delivered an apology to musician Chris Martin. Umm… an apology for what?

To backtrack a bit, Martin had texted Blunt, pitching her an idea about adapting the horror-thriller A Quiet Place into a musical. Blunt, alas, completely forgot to reply. Next thing she knows, Martin is chatting with DeGeneres on national TV about the oversight:

We should point out, Martin’s suggestion was meant to be a joke, considering the entire movie is silent (for the most part), but he did say, “Every time I see the trailer, I feel sick.” Oh no, his little joke backfired.

Blunt’s husband, A Quiet Place star and director John Krasinski, didn’t help the situation with his response:


In an attempt to make nice, Blunt actually wrote and performed a song for Martin to try and smooth things over:

In the above clip, before she starts off the song, Blunt says, “It’s sort of a way of me begging forgiveness. Chris, I love you. I always have. I always will. This is a massive sacrifice, I literally loathe singing in front of people, so… this is for Chris Martin.”

That’s quite a declaration, considering the two haven’t actually ever met, according to Blunt.

Do you think Chris Martin should accept her apology? 

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By Brigid Brown