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In 2018, we met Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl) as Joe in the Lifetime series You. While snarky, the self-taught NYC bookstore manager seemed pretty harmless at first. But, his mild-mannered behavior didn’t last all that long.

Joe found himself head over heels obsessed with a customer, who he got to know by stealing her phone and accessing her online accounts. He maneuvered his way into her life, using the information he pulled from her emails and text messages.

Badgley is back for another run as Joe, sort of. In season two, he goes by Will. He has packed up and moved to L.A., leaving everything behind, including his identity. He’s looking for a fresh start and a new love:

If you didn’t see season one, no worries, the new trailer gives a bit of a summary. You know, like when he locked his girlfriend Beck (Elizabeth Lail) in a glass box in the basement of the bookstore (for her own good). And, we get a glimpse at his life in L.A. He does meet a new girl and her name is actually “Love.” Fancy that.

Joe, oh, we mean, Will, is usually really systematic and on top of things. But, he made a major miscalculation and didn’t plan for his believed-to-be-dead ex Candace to show up. She knows what he’s been up to and is not cool with it.

We don’t see any weird killing stuff in the first look trailer, but it’s definitely coming.

The series is based on Caroline Kepnes‘ 2014 novel You and the 2016 sequel Hidden Bodies. Originally on Lifetime, You is heading to Netflix for season two, which you can look for on December 26.

Is this going on your watch list? 

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By Brigid Brown