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David Tennant and wife Georgia Tennant (née Moffett) tied the knot in 2011 in what was possibly the most Doctor Who wedding ever: the couple met while filming the show’s 2008 episode “The Doctor’s Daughter,” and Georgia is the daughter of David’s fellow former Timelord, Peter Davison.

The couple welcomed their fifth child earlier this year, and now David has shared the inventive (and lovely) way in which he proposed to Georgia on Christmas Eve.

“I wrapped up a big box in Christmas paper and there was another box inside that and another inside that. She didn’t get it. It was weird,” he recalled on the U.K.’s The Jonathan Ross Show. “She was going through [the boxes] and by box 10, she still hadn’t figured out what I was doing. It was great, she opened the last box and it worked! She said ‘Yes’, thankfully!”

Georgia’s birthday falls on Christmas Day, and David also discussed how their celebrations tend to be pretty low-key because it coincides with the holidays.

“We stay up just past midnight on Christmas Day, and when all the kids are in bed we’ll have a five-minute birthday celebration,” he said. “Then you’re like, the kids are going to get up in 20 minutes so we need to get some sleep!”

Ever prolific, David has several new shows coming in 2020, including Americans, a comedy in which he’ll reunite with former Doctor Who co-star Catherine Tate, and Deadwater Fell, a four-part mystery drama set to premiere on U.K. network Channel 4 in January.

Do you like the box in a box idea that David came up with?? 

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By Nick Levine