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Beverly Hills Cop hit theaters in 1984. And since then there’s been two sequels, rolling out in 1987 and 1994. Eddie Murphy takes on the titular role as a Detroit-based cop who finds himself in the hoity-toity world of Beverly Hills when following a case.

If it’s been a minute, or it’s new to you, here’s a peek at the trailer for the original movie starring Murphy and Judge Reinhold in this buddy film:

That laugh! That theme song! It’s all coming back. And, so is Murphy, who will be returning as Detective Axel Foley for another sequel. The fourth installment has been in the works for about ten years, according to Empire Online. It’s met some hurdles, but it seems to be moving forward with Netflix.

Murphy is just coming off making the biopic Dolemite is My Name with Netflix. So, that may have something to do with Beverly Hills Cop 4 getting some momentum.

There’s no word on what the premise will be or if Reinhold will be returning to partner-up with Murphy. We’re no Sherlock or anything, but we suspect it will be based in Beverly Hills, CA. Even so, you never know, they could take their crime-fighting on the road and switch-up locations.

Do you think Beverly Hills Cop deserves a second fourth life?

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By Brigid Brown