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If you’re a fan of David Thewlis (Harry Potter, Fargo), you can look for him in the upcoming sci-fi series The Feed, reports

Based on the 2002 dystopian novel by Nick Clark Windo, Thewlis takes on the role of a tech genius. He’s created an implant that connects people on a cerebral level, giving them the ability to share thoughts and even emotions.

Thoughts, maybe. It could save time on email correspondence. But, emotions? What if one person suffers a traumatic event and the distress is impressed on another person. Or, for that matter, millions of people. Needless to say, there are flaws in his invention and that’s pretty much the premise of the story:

His son Tom (Guy Burmet) does not agree with this rewiring of humanity and steps in to stop his father’s troubling creation. It’s not just Tom’s moral compass that compels him, but his wife (Nina Toussaint-White) has been compromised by the implant, with Tom saying, “I think it did something to her brain.”

Yep, it is a tech device, which is susceptible to a virus.

The Feed, also starring Game of Thrones actress Michelle Fairley, will premiere on Amazon Prime on November 22.

Are you curious to see how this plays out?? 

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By Brigid Brown