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Writer-director Jane Campion (Top of the Lake) is adapting Thomas Savage‘s 1967 novel The Power of the Dog for on-screen. It was announced in May that Benedict Cumberbatch and Elisabeth Moss were confirmed to star.

As of yesterday, there’s been some reshuffling. Moss has had to take a step back, apparently due to scheduling conflicts, with Kirsten Dunst (Midnight Special) stepping in, reports Deadline. 

The story revolves around two Montana brothers who are extreme opposites. The older brother, Phil (Cumberbatch), is as cruel as he is brilliant. The younger brother, George (Paul Dano), is deemed fastidious and gentle. Working together is a source of tension on its own. But when George secretly gets married to a local widow (Dunst), Phil sees red. He sets out to destroy George’s new wife by way of her young son.

What’d she ever do to him!? Well, apparently, the two brothers have shared a room for the past 40 years. George is now bringing his bride and her young son onto the ranch. It sounds like she may be encroaching on Phil’s space, even if unknowingly. Still, it sounds a bit harsh to us, but the project is labeled a psychodrama. 

Campion has written the screenplay and will direct, with the made-for-TV movie to premiere on Netflix in 2021.

Are you feeling good about the casting for this!? 

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By Brigid Brown