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Describing Stephen King‘s work as “eerie” is an understatement, but this time around, with the movie adaptation of his novella In the Tall Grass, the tension is never-ending…

The first look trailer, featuring Patrick Wilson, gives us an idea of what to expect. The story kicks off with twin brother and sister, Cal (Avery Whitted) and Becky (Laysla De Oliveira), pulling to the side of the road for a break from their cross-country trip. They hear a young boy calling for help from inside the field of grass. He sounds close by, but that proves to be misleading.

Cal goes in to find the boy. With Becky following after him. We would refer to the field as a maze, but it’s not even that, with a maze there are options, like “go left” or “go right.” In the field, it’s just ALL grass.

Oh, and screaming and foreboding clues:

Wilson’s character, Ross, doesn’t pop up until a minute (0:52) into the trailer. It turns out he’s the little boy’s father. Ross is just as lost and confused as the rest of them, but he seems to be figuring it out, saying in the above clip, “This field doesn’t make any sense… do you think this is just chance? We’re all here for a reason.”

Oh boy, do we want to know what the reason is??

King collaborated on the story In the Tall Grass with his son Joe Hill. The two-part novella was originally published in 2012, appearing in Esquire magazine.

If you can’t wait for the film to come out, you can go back and read Part 1 and Part 2 via Esquire online.

You can look for the movie on Netflix, available for streaming on October 4.

What’s your favorite Stephen King story?

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By Brigid Brown