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Blake Lively joins Jude Law in the adaptation of British thriller writer Mark Burnell‘s novel series, reports The film, The Rhythm Section, is based on the first of four novels.

Lively portrays the heroine, Stephanie Patrick. Her family is killed in a plane crash, which she was supposed to be on. She seems to falling apart, having nothing to live for. Three years later she’s told it wasn’t an accident, and that there was a bomb on the plane. With this new information, she now has purpose and goes after the people who killed her family.

And, yes, with this coming from a British writer, Lively puts on a British accent in the newly released trailer (September 19):

Patrick goes to Law’s character (whose name has yet to be revealed) asking him for help. He warns her, “Even if you succeed, it won’t be worth it.” She doesn’t seem to care about the end result, as long as there’s an end to those who took from her.

We’re liking this badass version of Lively. She showed a bit of that side in 2018’s A Simple Favor and is taking it up a notch. We are definitely getting a Villanelle vibe with the cool disguises and nonchalant threats. Except, Killing Eve‘s Villanelle kills for payment and Lively’s version kills for revenge… possibly salvation.

In a different scene, Law’s character grabs Patrick by the jacket, saying, “You don’t have a clue of the scale of the mess you’ve caused.” Well, she and Villanelle have one thing in common: they definitely cause trouble.

The Rhythm Section is directed by Reed Morano (The Handmaid’s Tale) and will hit theaters on January 31. The novel’s author, Burnell, has also written the screenplay.

Are you in the market for another female assassin?? We can’t get enough!! 

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By Brigid Brown