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First Mad About You, and now the 1980s series Thirtysomething is being revisited. Co-creators Marshall Herskovtz and Ed Zwick are shopping the idea around, according to Empire online. 

The original series kicked off in 1987 and ran for four seasons. It followed a group of friends, in their thirties (obvi), but all at different stages in life. Ken Nolin and Mel Harris played married couple Michael and Hope Steadman, who were kind of the glue of the group. The Steadmans had a newborn baby. Timothy Busfield and Patricia Wettig played their besties, also married, Elliot and Nancy Weston. The Westons, on the other hand, had grade school-age children.

Then there was Gary Shepherd (Peter Horton), who was dragging out his playboy days, kind of a “no-no” in his age bracket, at least according to his peers. And, of course, Michael’s poor little sister (<–sarcasm) Melissa Steadman (Melanie Mayron), perceived to be single and desperate… but, meanwhile, possibly the most content out of the bunch.

All right, now that we have a bit of a recap on the original series, what can we look for in the next installment? Apparently Zwick has written the script and it’s going to center on the above characters’ grown children, who — you guessed it — are all in their thirties now. Fancy that!

There’s hope the original cast members will return to reprise their roles. That’d be fun to see how their lives have progressed and now they’d be sixtysomething.

Being in one’s thirties, in regards to expectations on work and family, may mean something different these days vs. back in the ’80s.

What kind of changes do you predict for next installment?? 

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By Brigid Brown