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Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) portrays a man named Miles trying to live his best life in the new Netflix series Living with Yourself, reports Deadline. When he goes to a spa to become a better version of himself, things are taken a little too literally.

During the spa pitch, he’s told, “The path of life brings us many troubles. Pain. Sadness. Humiliation. Top Happy Spa will rebuild your DNA, better than ever. A better you. The best you can be,” as heard in the just released trailer (September 16).

And, that’s exactly what they did. They made a new version of him. But, ahem, what happened to the original?

In the first look trailer, Miles wakes up “happy.” But that sense of rejuvenation is short-lived when this chipper version is confronted by the original Miles. It turns out the man who went into the spa was bagged and buried but luckily was able to escape his early grave.

The original Miles says to the new Miles, “Now, there’s two MEs, but one life. What do you suggest we do?” As viewers, we’re kind of left on a cliffhanger, not knowing what these two are going to come up with. But what is clear, the original Miles can see the upgrade, saying, “He’s better than me. In everything. With work. With Kate.”

His wife (Aisling Bea) definitely notices something is different, but she likes it.

Miles might be a little jealous of… himself. It makes us think of the expression, “Be careful what you wish for. ”

The eight-part series is set to premiere on Netflix on October 18.

Are you up for two doses of Paul Rudd? 

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By Brigid Brown