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(Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Dame Helen Mirren has been spotted riding the NYC subway in the past, so, we already know she isn’t afraid of a little grit. She’s now taken it to the next level…

Mirren spends four months a year in southern Italy. Apparently, she and her sister noticed an abundance of rubbish. For some, it might be a passing thought, like, “Such a shame,” or “Tsk, tsk.” But, not this Dame. She pulled on the yellow rubber gloves, strapped a bag to her back and went to work.

Here’s a look at her helping out with the community:

She makes a good point when writing, it’s “a simple thing, but it makes a big difference.” The little things do add up. Just like her sharing the above photo, it doesn’t take all that much effort, it’s a quick snap and click of a button, with a huge impact. Her choosing to do so, she sends a message, resulting in close to 60,000 likes (at the time of this post).

And, next time you see litter, you might give it a second thought, like, “What would Helen Mirren do?”

We already did a write-up on 10 Reasons We Love Helen Mirren… may have to add this on as a bonus item.

Are you having a “she’s just like us” moment right about now??

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By Brigid Brown