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Tom Hanks stars in the forthcoming Fred Rogers biopic, called A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. But, it’s not your typical, “Where did he grow up? How did he make it to TV?” kind of story.

Instead, we meet journalist Lloyd Vogel, played by Matthew Rhys (The Americans), who gets to know the man behind the sweater and sneakers. Yes, Mr. Rogers touched hearts worldwide, with his long-running children’s show Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood (1968-2001), but there was more to him, which we get a snapshot of in the just released trailer (July 22).

Vogel is based on real-life journalist Tom Junod, who spent a few days with Rogers for a write-up in Esquire magazine. In the official trailer, Vogel says to his wife, “I’m profiling Mr. Rogers,” and her response says it all, “Lloyd, please don’t ruin my childhood.”

Moviegoers might think the same thing upon learning there’s a biopic coming out, “Please, don’t ruin this for me.” If anything, this film will reaffirm what viewers already knew of the TV personality, that he was a thoughtful, kind man, and now we learn to what extent.

In the first look footage, Mr. Rogers picks up on Vogel’s inner turmoil and says to him, “Sometimes we have to ask for help. And that’s okay.” It only takes one…

Junod published his original Esquire piece in 1998, which you can read in its entirety here.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood hits theaters on November 22.

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By Brigid Brown