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(Photo: Starz Media Room)

Set in London, the new series The Rook follows a woman who has supernatural abilities… but, her memory has been wiped away. That is quite the conundrum.

She only knows her mind has a “massive black hole” because she filmed herself delivering a warning (to herself), foreseeing something like this might happen, as seen in the just released trailer (June 4). To add to her problems, there is a group of paranormal adversaries trailing her.

Based on Daniel O’Malley‘s book series, we learn the woman at the center of this all, Myfanwy Thomas (Emma Greenwell), works for a secret wing of British intelligence who recruits people with “certain” abilities. She’s actually a high-ranking official of the secret society, called Checquy, which may explain her being targeted.

Since Thomas’ memory has been erased, she has no knowledge of her abilities and this is all new to her. Thomas asks herself, “What kind of monster am I?”

While this is understandably a shock to the system, she doesn’t have time to dwell. She needs to get a handle on her abilities and simultaneously evade those who her are trying to abduct her.

She is a straight-shooter, we’ll give her that. Thomas believes she’s being watched, which she reports to her handler. When asked what they look like, she replies, “Men who want to kill me.”

She seems to be getting a handle on the situation.

The eight-part series, also starring Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse) and Joely Richardson (Red Sparrow), will debut on Starz this coming June 30.

Are you liking the supernatural/spy genre hybrid?

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By Brigid Brown