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In the forthcoming feel-good drama Astronaut, there’s a contest and the winner is awarded a ticket to go to space. This is sounding a little Willy Wonka-ish, but substitute Richard Dreyfuss for a young English boy.

Dreyfuss portrays a man by the name of Angus, who had a long-time dream of traveling to space. He had given up on the possibility of the trip happening, until now, when billionaire Marcus Brown (Colm Feore) hosts a lottery “to choose someone who dares to dream big.” The prize is a two-week journey to space on the first commercial space plane.

Angus is past the age limit, and according to the description he somehow alters his birthdate.

Lo and behold, Angus wins the lottery. The trailer ends with him shooting off into space. We’re excited to see where his travels take him.

Astronaut hits theaters on July 26. We can also look for Dreyfuss in the action-thriller 2019’s Daughter of the Wolf, releasing on August 2.

Hmm, would you choose a ticket to a chocolate factory or outer space!? 

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By Brigid Brown