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Doctor Who alum Karen Gillan‘s new thriller, All Creatures Here Below, will release in theaters on May 10 and will be available via iTunes on May 17.

A trailer was released just today (April 2), where we see Gillan as woman named Ruby. At first glance, it appears Ruby is a young mother. But, things are not as they appear. It doesn’t seem that this baby is actually hers. She doesn’t seem financially or emotionally equipped to take care of a baby, and her partner (David Dastmalchian) suggests they leave the baby at the hospital to be looked after.

Ruby does not think this is a good idea, but the mere mention of abandoning the child illustrates how extreme things have become for the young couple.

Also in 2019, we can look for Gillan in Avengers: Endgame, Call of the Wild and the Jumanji sequel. Dastmalchian, who you may recognize from last year’s Bird Box, also wrote the script for All Creatures Here Below.

What do you think of Karen Gillan in her latest role?

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By Brigid Brown