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Mission Impossible star Simon Pegg has taken on his own mission impossible with a workout regime to get ready for his role in the family thriller Inheritance, which called for “lean, very lean,” according to an Instagram post shared by his personal trainer. 

The post reveals Pegg’s extreme transformation, following six months of training:

The feedback on the Insta post is mixed, with some comments giving praise: “This is awesome! 🔥👍.” And then there are some that aren’t as supportive: “Wow. This is something… unusual.”

It seems Pegg and his trainer are pleased with the results, or they would have refrained from sharing. Right now we’re seeing Pegg’s muscle makeover out of context; the lean look may make more sense once specifics on the role itself are revealed.

As previously announced, the storyline revolves around a wealthy family whose patriarch passes away suddenly. His wife and daughter are left with a “shocking secret inheritance.”

Pegg is teaming up with director Vaughn Stein for Inheritance, who he worked with on 2018’s Terminal. The release date has yet to be announced.

Do you applaud Simon for his commitment? 

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By Brigid Brown