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We recently did a roundup of some of Brie Larson‘s fun-loving, goofy moments. Her latest film, Unicorn Store, reinforces that optimistic view on life.

She not only stars in but directed the film written by Samantha McIntyre (Married). The story revolves around a young woman who is overwhelming underwhelmed with her place in life before seeing the hopeful side of things.

In the film’s first trailer, Larson’s character is on the verge of giving up and sleeping the days away. That’s until she receives a mysterious letter, which on the inside reads, “Get ready.” She asks the question we’re thinking, “Get ready for what!?”

Oh, you know, being invited to a store that makes dreams come true, like adopting a unicorn:

Even though her character is a grown-up by definition, the movie can be categorized as rite of passage or coming-of-age, reminding us that we’re always learning and there’s room for change. At one point, Larson’s character announces, “I don’t know how to be a grown-up.” But at the end of it, she seems to find balance, calmly and confidently saying, “Everyone needs some magic, even if they’re all grown up.”

We can look for Larson’s Captain Marvel co-star Samuel L. Jackson as the store clerk and the delightful Joan Cusack playing her mother.

Unicorn Store will be available for streaming via Netflix on April 5. Captain Marvel, starring Larson in the title role, is currently in theaters. 

Do you like the look of this so far??

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By Brigid Brown