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Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been feuding as their superhero alter egos, Wolverine and Deadpool, but they have come to a resolution. Whew!

Reynolds made an announcement via Twitter (January 31) that the two had called a truce, i.e. no more trolling:

The agreement was for each to promote the other’s “side hustle.” Jackman has created a coffee company and Reynolds has gotten into the gin-making business.

In the below clip, simply called “Truce,” we see the commercial Reynolds made on behalf of Jackman’s organization. The production quality is highly professional, the message is genuine and it’s clear that he put a lot of time into it. After seeing it, Jackman said his wasn’t ready yet, in an attempt to stall. Ultimately, he did allow Reynolds a look.

Let’s just say… Jackman went a different route:

Oh boy, does this mean the feud isn’t over!? 

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By Brigid Brown