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Gillian Anderson‘s varied TV roles range from iconic paranormal investigator Dana Scully in The X-Files to ice-cool police superintendent Stella Gibson in The Fall. But her latest small screen character looks like one of her most memorable yet: in Sex Education, she plays a sex therapist who appears to have, well, not much of a filter.

The just-released trailer for the dramedy begins with Anderson’s character Jean asking her teenage son Otis (Hugo‘s Asa Butterfield) a very embarrassing question. Before you press play, though, be warned that the trailer features some pretty salty language throughout.

Sex Education, which debuts on Netflix January 11, follows Butterfield’s Otis as he channels his mother to become an unlikely sex therapist at his British high school. Judging from the trailer, the show will largely focus on Otis and his classmates, with Anderson’s Jean offering comic relief in a strong supporting role.

When Netflix ordered Sex Education in November 2017, executive producer Jamie Campbell told Variety: “It pretends to be a show about sex but it’s actually a romantic and funny show about love. It’s an antidote to shows that present the teenage experience of sex as superhumanly confident and experimental. Our characters have an endless supply of sexual problems that need to be solved. Otis has the expertise to provide the answers, but has problems of his own, starting with the fact that he’s never had sex himself.”

Meanwhile, Anderson’s next project will see her return to London’s West End in a stage adaptation of classic Hollywood movie All About Eve. She’ll play Margo Channing, the character made famous by Bette Davis, whose Broadway acting career is threatened by the arrival of scheming ingénue Eve Harrington – portrayed in the new stage version by Mamma Mia!‘s Lily James.

Are you excited to see Gillian Anderson flex her comedy muscles in Sex Education?

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By Nick Levine