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Glenn Close just took home a Golden Globe for her performance in The Wife. And now the man who was behind the camera directing the stellar actress, Björn Runge, has signed on for his next project.

Runge has confirmed he will be directing the sci-fi film Stardream, reports Variety. 

According to the film’s description, Stardream revolves around hundreds of thousands of people leaving Earth by spaceship, looking for sanctuary. When the ship begins to malfunction, the crew calls on their AI, Stephen, to step in.

Apparently a second conundrum arises, when Stephen develops a “profound attachment” to his creator, Andreya. We may be making light of the situation, but can’t Stephen save the human passengers and pine for his maker??

We’re guessing there’s more to it than that.

Runge fills in the blanks a little bit, saying in a statement, “Dealing with big questions about humanity, this is a powerful drama with hypnotic possibilities that will take everyone involved to a new level of filmmaking. The audience will be invited into a mind-blowing experience about loss and love.”

Runge will be bringing his team from The Wife to the new feature, including director of photography Ulf Bråntas and editor Lena Rung. Far Edge of the World‘s Felix Harrison is set to write the script. Casting has yet to begin, with filming predicted to start this coming summer in the U.K.

We like what’s going on with this so far — what about you? 

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By Brigid Brown