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Hugh Grant is having his own very British scandal, indeed. Yesterday (January 13), the actor turned to Twitter to reveal his car had been broken into. He used the power of social media to reach out to his fanbase for help in recovering his belongings:

Apparently, his bag was in the car, which contained a script for a future project, with both disappearing. Clearly, the script is replaceable, but there’s more to it.

He explained that the pages contained “many weeks worth of notes and ideas,” which is understandably gutting. As of now, the tweet has been shared 3.9k times, so, word is getting out.

There are some theories out there, like… possible revenge?

As well as some sound advice, actually:

And some heartfelt responses:

Comedian David Baddiel stepped in to provide the obligatory cheeky comment (which may have provided some comic relief):

This isn’t the first time an Anglo regular turned to Twitter for help in recovering lost items, with Emma Watson looking for misplaced jewelry. 

While this isn’t breaking news per se, this does fall under the category of, “celebrities aren’t all that different from the rest of us.”

Do you believe in the power of the Twitterverse?? 


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By Brigid Brown