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Ralph Fiennes (The Grand Budapest Hotel) directs and co-stars in this year’s The White Crow, opposite acting newcomer and real-life dancer Oleg Ivenko in the lead, reports Empire Online.

The White Crow tells the story of legendary Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev and is based on Julie Kavanagh‘s book Rudolf Nureyev: The Life.

This is the first on-screen performance for Ivenko, which you can check out below in the newly-released trailer:

Rather than trying to fit the high-profile dancer’s entire life into approximately 90 minutes, the film focuses on his defection from the Soviet Union in 1961 and how the KGB stepped in to try and put a halt to his move west. Fiennes plays Alexander Pushkin, teacher and advisor to the famous dancer, who was repeatedly questioned about his knowledge of Nureyev’s defection.

This isn’t Fiennes’ first time directing, with two feature films to his name, including the 2011 war thriller Coriolanus and 2013’s Charles Dickens biopic The Invisible Woman.

In addition to Fiennes’ directorial work, we would like to point out he has over 70 on-screen acting credits, going back to 1991 with the first being a role in Prime Suspect. We can also look for Fiennes in the non-fiction thriller Official Secrets, releasing this month on January 28. He’s also set to return to the James Bond franchise as “M” for the 2020 release of Bond 25.

Are you impressed by the ability to direct and act in the same project? 

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By Brigid Brown